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Penny Pinchers


This Korean movie was a fun comedy about two people at the bottom of the bottom. It could maybe considered a romcom, but it was really more comedy and reality than anything else. The tone of the movie was just so fun and it kept my interest from the beginning to the end. It had such a light plot line that was so unique that I couldn’t help but love it. It also had Song Joong Ki as the male lead who was also leading man in Descendants of the Sun; but I guess it shows how diverse his acting skills are because I also almost didn’t realize that it was him.
The plot is fairly simple. Two young people are virtually penniless and through a series of events end up working together to survive. The strong, resilient Hong Sil has always had to live as a penny pincher, but her creative methods to live and survive have made her an unsung champion of the poor. Ji Woong is a carefree young man trying to live in the big city, but failing miserably. Together they form an unstoppable duo.

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What a WOW movie! This movie has some of my favorite qualities that I love in film: a realistic romance, on-point humor, a ridiculously handsome lead, good acting and a fantasy quality. It maybe had a couple awkward dialogue moments, but isn’t that how it is in life, sometimes? We say things that are off-point or completely inappropriate when we have a slip of the tongue. Honestly, this movie was really well done.

Spellbound is about Yeo Ri, a young woman, who has been living a solitary life away from everyone. One day she meets a young magician who hires her to help with a new act: one about ghosts. Unfortunately for Yeo Ri it’s no act. She is haunted by vengeful ghosts, one in particular, who refuses to let her have happiness. What is she to do then when her new boss starts pulling her back into the world of living, can she really risk being happy or will it spell the end to the relationship before it even begins?

I don’t know what it is about Korean paranormal stories that make me go running toward it instead of away. I’ve never been much for the whole ghost thing, but the way they are portrayed in movies like this and shows like Master’s Sun is just so intriguing. The characters in this are also really fun; they have such honest reactions to things. They just felt so genuine. The comedy is so great that I was just laughing uncontrollably. My face actually hurts. At the same time, I was always at the edge at my seat. The imagery of the movie was also beautiful; it’s pure art sometimes.

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Love On-Air


So, this Korean movie was just a very sweet story about love and music. Shin Jin Ah who used to be a part of a girls group is now a host of a failing radio station. Her strong personality and inability to not say exactly what she means has caused her many problems. When her show gets a new producer, together they have to figure out what they can do to increase the ratings without killing each other.

Love On-Air is about looking past stereotypes and seeing the person behind the persona. It’s about how everyone has a story to tell. It may have been a simple story, but I think it had a lot of heart. People were more then what they seemed and they all felt so real.

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I’m a Cyborg, but that’s ok


Wow, okay, so this movie is unlike anything I’ve really ever seen. It’s “One Fly over the Cuckoo’s Nest” mixed with “Sucker Punch”. It’s an off-the-wall experience that shows love through the eyes of those suffering from mental disorders, Schizophrenia in this case. Instead of showing it from an outside point of view the movie is shown purely from the perspective of the main characters and how they view the world.

The story is about a young woman who believes she is a cyborg; her family puts her in an institution after she tries to kill herself, although that’s probably not how the woman viewed it. Once there she meets a handsome young man who likes to steal, because he feels if he doesn’t he may disappear from the world. He decides to make it his mission to help her and love blooms.

For me, this movie is a great example of showing how people still experience emotions like love even if they suffer from a mental illness. I think a lot of the time people look at those with mental disorders, especially the big ones, as being separate from the rest of the world. The reality is that while their minds may have betrayed them they are still capable of falling in love and other complicated emotions, maybe even more so. It’s a movie that I would suggest watching with no other distractions because it has the capability of bringing the audience into a whole other world.

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dt 1This Korean movie was really heartfelt and warm. The plot was… interesting. I can’t really say it was a clichéd plot, but by the end everything was pretty obvious and set out. I really enjoyed the characters and they really made it feel as if the protagonists were sometimes the only two people in the world.
The movie is about an ex-boxer who is living a benign and hidden life. It’s obvious from the beginning that he’s holding the world on his shoulders even as he’s hiding from it. At one of his jobs he meets a beautiful, blind woman. Despite her disability she shines brightly and the man is immediately taken by her. The entire movie is about how much two people can help one another in their darkest times and the true meaning of love and devotion.
It may sound a bit cheesy, but the characters were very real. The story was sometimes was so bright and at other times so startlingly sad and bleak. All in all it was an enjoyable watch. One of those movies that makes me want to be a better person.

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How To Use Guys With Secret Tips


This hilarious Korean movie is a bright interactive thematic experience that was an enjoyable and easy watch. I’ve recently been on a long, obsessive kick of Korean dramas and I was actually trying to find something different, but I came upon this movie by accident and I couldn’t resist. The plot just sounded too quirky and fun.

Choi B0-na is an insecure assistant director for a commercial company who isn’t taken seriously by her colleagues. Constantly walked-over and ignored she hits her low-point when her crew leaves her on the beach after a shoot and she has to find her way home in the dark. Bo-na comes across an odd stall for self-help films; the owner convinces her to buy a series of films about winning men over in life and business by pointing out with strange acute know-how of her current problems. Although skeptical Bo-na starts to utilize the tools in the video and finds her life suddenly changing, she even attempts to use her new skills on the arrogant star that often puts her down, Lee Seung-jae.

Most films or dramas with plots like this often feel too Cinderella-tale like and are convoluted. But while very simple and not exactly ‘exciting’ it was a fun and enjoyable story that had some really great comedy parts that left me literally laughing out loud (which says a lot, in my case). I hate drama and this stayed in a relatively realistic zone.

I also have to mention the fourth wall style of directing where the owner of the stall (and host of the self-help videos) often would pop up out of nowhere and narrate the story according to his videos, but he wasn’t an invisible narrator; he interacted with his surroundings. I don’t what style of directing this is (again, I wish I knew more about film styles), but it was really great.


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Innocent Steps


Alright, so this movie was sweet and bitter and heartfelt and a little mushy. It’s about Na Young-sae, a renowned dancer, who was purposely injured in a competition and is now hiding away in a slump. When his manager shows up telling him that he’s soon going to have a new partner from China (albeit still Korean) he’s less then convinced. Even more so when it’s revealed that the ‘talented dancer’ is actually the woman’s little sister who knows nothing about dance. Soon the girl’s bright spirit reawakens him and they work together to become Korea’s greatest dancers.

This movie was pretty enjoyable, but didn’t necessarily have the happiest of plots, but that’s kind of what made it stand-out against other mushy movies. It reminded me a little of Dirty Dancing with the tone and feel, but with the classic Korean feel that I’ve come to love.