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Go Ho’s Starry Night

So, this short drama was a cute, fun weekender. It had enough story to be interesting with enjoyable characters. It was just a fun watch about finding the right one. I also liked it because it really showed how we look at potential lovers and how methodical it sometimes is. It was also about why we like somebody, first impressions, and how our feelings for someone can change from love-to-hate and visa versa.

Go Ho is a thirty-something workaholic. Facing the death of a mentor (an older, single woman whose life was her work) Go Ho starts to wonder if that is her future. Even though she’s not embarrassed to work hard she doesn’t want to throw away the possibility of falling in love and having a family. She starts looking at the men around her and gaging their potential. The angry team leader that pushes her around, the fat and lazy manager who has a good heart, the director with his prestige and kindness or her ex and also new boss. As she tries to decide what she actually wants she realizes that love isn’t always a constant; it can change. And people aren’t always who she thought they were once she took a closer look.

What I liked about this drama was how they looked at people. It was all about looking at people without the ……….. I know some people would probably complain about the whole bad boy thing. I think that’s one of the big things I hear in comments, especially about Korean dramas, are the bad boys. In my opinion, I think the bad boys in these dramas are more realistic then most of the other characters. They’re flawed and that’s what creates the connection that not only the female protagonist feels but the audience.

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One Percent of Something

Phenomenal. It’s all I can say about this drama. It’s one of those shows that’s not just an easy watch, it is addicting. I’ve had a few shows that are so addicting that I can’t help but think about it and can’t wait to get back to it. This is one of those shows. The characters, the story, the dialogue including the insatiable banter between the two main characters. I could just watch it all day long. It was just so well done and so balanced. It left me with a smile on my face.

Lee Jae In is a tough, hard-working chaebol (3rd Gen. rich kid). Despite his hard work the only way for Lee Jae In to inherit the family company is to fulfill his notoriously difficult Grandfather’s living will. Things go awry when his grandfather changes his will so that his inheritance goes to Kim Da Hyun, an unknown schoolteacher. The only way for Lee Jae In to inherit the company is to marry the teacher, the problem is his difficult personality does not appeal to the strong-willed Da Hyun at all. The question is whether the two of them can work something out that benefits both of them or will their clashing personalities cause Lee Jae In to lose the company he’s worked so hard at.

This show is subtle. It’s light-hearted, whimsical and just so enjoyable to watch. I remember years ago watching the first version of this, “One Percent of Anything”. The story was there but it lacked the quality that was achieved in this version. It was one of those shows that I wanted to like but found that I just couldn’t quite connect with it or the characters. One Percent of Something really sets the tone. It’s one of those shows that would be great to watch over the weekend or on a rainy day at home. It’s funny and to the point. The drama is kept to a minimal level and is left to the climax where it belongs. The characters progress and the story winds in a way that keeps it interesting and fresh; it doesn’t linger over events. This one is definitely a top favorite as it really makes me smile and lifts my spirits.

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Goblin: the Lonely and Great God

Alright, so this drama was just as good as I was hoping it would be. I was really excited to see a modern fantasy show from Korea and this really set the record for one of the most fun and enjoyable. It was serious, but funny. It had strong story lines and in depth characters that all melded together really well. It’s always nice to see such a great drama that really makes me want more. The graphics were on-point and perfect. It also had one of my favorite male actors, Gong Yoo, as the lead (Coffee Prince); and, as always, his acting ability really is just awesome.

The drama is about Kim Shin, a Goblin, who must marry the Fated Goblin’s Bride to end his long life. When he meets Ji Eun Tak, it seems clear that she is indeed the destined one. The problem becomes apparent as the two grow closer and something blooms between them. Kim Shin is now pulled in that the very girl who could end his life could also mean so much more to him. Along for the ride is Ji Eun Tak’s boss, a fiery woman, who may hold a key to Gong Yoo’s past; and Gong Yoo’s roommate, a stoic grim reaper.

I really loved the dynamic of this show. It had a sort of playful tone to it and the flashbacks to Gong Yoo’s past when he was a mortal brought such a wonderful balance to the entire show. The characters were so real and they really played off of each really well. It was really a deep show about growth and forgiveness; about how much a person can really change and if a person can truly atone for past mistakes and sins. Just really fantastic.

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Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds

This historical drama was a fantastic find. I already loved Park Bo Gum from Answer me 1988 and he did such a fantastic job in this show. Unlike a few of the historical dramas that I’ve dabbled with it stayed steady in the drama intensity. A couple of the dramas I’ve watched would suddenly skyrocket in the intensity level about half way through and then the ending would be less then appealing. This drama had a steady mix of the historical Korean drama feel without that gut wrenching political warfare that takes up most of the genre.

Hong Ra On has had to disguise herself as a man for as long as she can remember. As a young adult she’s taken to giving love advice to forlorn souls, but when one of her poetic letters goes amiss she meets Lee Young, a young aristocratic, at least so she believes. Lee Young is actually the Crown Prince! A series of events leads Ra On to be sold into the palace as a male eunuch and once again into meeting Lee Young who she still believes is just a noble in the court. Both of them are soon pulled into a political power struggle. Despite not knowing each other’s secrets they unite under the looming darkness. The question is whether the realization of who each other is will make them stronger or break them apart.

So, this drama was just so fun to watch. I really love Korean history and the early culture is just so amazing to see on screen. The Korean cinema’s attention to detail on costumes and architecture for the time is just exemplary. Flawless, really. While this show is loosely based on historical events it still pays homage to the people and events at the time. The characters are just so fun and it really feels like even the most minute person has a personality that really sticks with the audience without overwhelming the plot. I would probably watch this multiple times it’s just that good.

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Jealousy Incarnate


So, this very new Korean drama was very fun and enjoyable. It had an upbeat plot that displayed some unique qualities and some on-point commentary on how complicated love is and the stigma associated with certain diseases as well. It also portrayed the curious world of news stations. The characters were great (mainly because of the great actors) and it was simply an easy watch.

The show is about a weather caster, Pyo Na Ri, who has been working hard to became an anchor at her station. She pulls off odd jobs, goes above and beyond and makes sure that she is the best at what she does. Lee Hwa Shin is a reporter who does the hard and dangerous reports to make a name for himself. Despite an awkward past between each other, tensions arise between them when Lee Hwa Shin returns from an overseas position. Added into the mix is Lee Hwa Shin’s best friend and chaebol, Ko Jung Won, who takes an interest to the spunky Pyo Na Ri. The three of them form the classic love triangle that threatens the entire news station.

Now, I wrote the plot very simply, but there is a whole lot more depth to it than that. The lives of the characters are complex and some of the plot twists that the characters go through are intense and unique. It adds a depth to the characters and the story, as well, as the wonderful acting just really ties it all together. Definitely a good watch.

Spoiler Alert Warning (Do not read on if you want the story to remain a mystery)

I accidently read a complaint that a couple people wrote that they were upset at Pyo Na Ri and the fact that she fell in love with both of them. Now, for some context, Na Ri had a previous crush on Hwa Shin for like 2 or 3 years and nothing ever came of it. So, she gave up on him. When Jung Won asked her to go out with him she had no reason to say no. She thought she was over Hwa Shin, Jung Won was a handsome, kind guy. Any woman would struggle not to fall in love with him. It was, of course, inevitable that when Hwa Shin started to realize his feelings that Na Ri’s feelings would be rekindled. I mean, she was in love with him for three years! Anyway, I just needed to fume about that a little bit. Love is complicated. It’s not always black and white. And crazy things happen.

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Cinderella and the Four Knights


Alright, so this brand new drama was pretty epic. The title at first threw me off. I thought it was going to be super cheesy, but I was hands-down wrong! This drama infuses the tale of Cinderella into a completely (somewhat) realistic modern world with deep, interesting characters that are always more then what they seem. “Cinderella” herself is a spit-fire character who’s determination and bravery make her into one of the best female leads I’ve seen.
Ha Won lives with her step mother and step sister who just like in the real story consistently bully and use the girl. Despite this Ha Won is a bright, energetic young woman who works hard at her many part time jobs so she can someday achieve her dream of going to college. When she helps out an old man, she somehow ends up living with his rich and very handsome grandsons in a beautiful mansion! The three grandsons have very differing personalities and it is up to Ha Won to bring them all together.
The story does ring of some very clichéd Korean stories, but the characters, as always, make it into something entirely unique. Ha Won is one of the most awesome female characters and I couldn’t imagine anyone better to play this part. She’s adorable, but strong. Her personality is straight-forward and she faces everything with a will of steel. Along with that the three grandsons as well as the other characters create such a rich dish that there’s never a boring moment. The plot is kept to the point and doesn’t overly linger on the drama. Truly, a great watch.

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Answer me 1988

bomu4I’m always so happy to find shows like this. The level was perfect. Great characters, great stories and good emotion. This show has such a large span. It ranges from young to old and is also great insight into the 80’s for Korea which I really thought was super interesting. The show was funny, emotional and had a mellow level of drama that kept it light and fresh.

The show is about a small street neighborhood and the families that live there. The show focuses on a group of high school kids who had grown up together and are now at the precipice of discovering who they are as adults. It also has a strong focus on the rest of their families, especially their parents. The show starts out at 1988 during the Olympic Games which was in South Korea at the time. Experiences are felt for the young group of first love, crushes, disappointments and discovering who they want to be. For the adults it’s about money, jobs, statuses and the close friendships they have with one another.

Honestly, this show is amazing. The fun comedy and stories just kept bringing me back for more and I’m so sad that it’s ended now. It’s probably one of the few times that I will say that 20 episodes wasn’t enough. The distinctive and interesting characters are really what made the show; their interactions with one another and their growth was just so fantastic. This show can also really be considered good for everyone. It’s equally focused on men and women; the young teens and those a little a bit older.