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Goblin: the Lonely and Great God

Alright, so this drama was just as good as I was hoping it would be. I was really excited to see a modern fantasy show from Korea and this really set the record for one of the most fun and enjoyable. It was serious, but funny. It had strong story lines and in depth characters that all melded together really well. It’s always nice to see such a great drama that really makes me want more. The graphics were on-point and perfect. It also had one of my favorite male actors, Gong Yoo, as the lead (Coffee Prince); and, as always, his acting ability really is just awesome.

The drama is about Kim Shin, a Goblin, who must marry the Fated Goblin’s Bride to end his long life. When he meets Ji Eun Tak, it seems clear that she is indeed the destined one. The problem becomes apparent as the two grow closer and something blooms between them. Kim Shin is now pulled in that the very girl who could end his life could also mean so much more to him. Along for the ride is Ji Eun Tak’s boss, a fiery woman, who may hold a key to Gong Yoo’s past; and Gong Yoo’s roommate, a stoic grim reaper.

I really loved the dynamic of this show. It had a sort of playful tone to it and the flashbacks to Gong Yoo’s past when he was a mortal brought such a wonderful balance to the entire show. The characters were so real and they really played off of each really well. It was really a deep show about growth and forgiveness; about how much a person can really change and if a person can truly atone for past mistakes and sins. Just really fantastic.

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Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds

This historical drama was a fantastic find. I already loved Park Bo Gum from Answer me 1988 and he did such a fantastic job in this show. Unlike a few of the historical dramas that I’ve dabbled with it stayed steady in the drama intensity. A couple of the dramas I’ve watched would suddenly skyrocket in the intensity level about half way through and then the ending would be less then appealing. This drama had a steady mix of the historical Korean drama feel without that gut wrenching political warfare that takes up most of the genre.

Hong Ra On has had to disguise herself as a man for as long as she can remember. As a young adult she’s taken to giving love advice to forlorn souls, but when one of her poetic letters goes amiss she meets Lee Young, a young aristocratic, at least so she believes. Lee Young is actually the Crown Prince! A series of events leads Ra On to be sold into the palace as a male eunuch and once again into meeting Lee Young who she still believes is just a noble in the court. Both of them are soon pulled into a political power struggle. Despite not knowing each other’s secrets they unite under the looming darkness. The question is whether the realization of who each other is will make them stronger or break them apart.

So, this drama was just so fun to watch. I really love Korean history and the early culture is just so amazing to see on screen. The Korean cinema’s attention to detail on costumes and architecture for the time is just exemplary. Flawless, really. While this show is loosely based on historical events it still pays homage to the people and events at the time. The characters are just so fun and it really feels like even the most minute person has a personality that really sticks with the audience without overwhelming the plot. I would probably watch this multiple times it’s just that good.

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Ash vs Evil Dead


Alright, so this Starz Original Series is based on the old cult classics of the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. With it being a Starz series it has all the funding it needs for top notch CGI effects and complete freedom from censorship, so excessive gore and nudity are excessive. I’m pulled whether or not I can say I actually like the show or whether I’m watching it just become of loyalty to Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless; perhaps it’s a little of both.

The story is about Ash Williams; a stock worker who 30 years ago experienced an insane paranormal night of horror where he lost the love of his life and his hand. (I would watch Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness to catch up). Ash has done everything he can to avoid and forget everything that happened back then, but because of one night of stupidity the dark forces have come back to haunt him and destroy everything that touches him. With the help of his coworkers Pablo and Kelly, Ash reluctantly sets out to once and for all to destroy the darkness.

So, the acting and everything else is pretty good, but there’s just something about it that I just can’t place that bothers me and keeps me from liking it 100 percent. I’m not sure what it is, but all in all the show is alright. It is very gory and extremely violent but it’s done to the point that it’s not ‘realistic’ per se and it’s easier to look past the god awful things that are happening. It is one of those shows where anything can happen and I had to stop myself from caring about anyone, because just like Walking Dead, the show likes to push limits and it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen next and to whom.

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The Walking Dead

walking dead

This post-apocalyptic show is one of my favorite. The dynamic of this show is phenomenal and it would have never been a success had it not been for the great characters and their in depth story-lines. This show may be too violent for some, but it isn’t without a reason. One of the most potent and interesting reasons behind this show is the psychological undertone to it: how would people react to a world where they have to kill other human beings (living or not) and sometimes when its people they know and love.
Walking Dead is based on a group of survivors of a world flooded with zombies, obviously. It centers around one man in particular, Rick Grimes. He was a sheriff who had been shot, previous to the world going to crap, and had been in a coma, abandoned in a hospital. When he wakes up everyone around him is dead, but not all of them stay that way. He soon discovers the “Walkers”, dead people who rise with a craving for flesh. Rick goes in search for his family and discovers a group of survivors. The show is based around their journey as they discover threats un-dead and even some of the living kind.
The show, while being about the undead, is very emotional. The journey the characters have to take to survive in this world is amazing. I’ve recently been re-watching it and I’m so surprised to see how far the characters have come. I knew that they had changed over the course of the show, but I had forgotten how much. One of the things I’ll point out about this show is how it draws people in. I watch this with my husband and we have had long and deep conversations about the show before and where it’s headed. The Walking Dead pulled us in and got us involved and every week we have to see what happens.
If I gave stars for my reviews I’d give Five Stars, because it’s awesome.

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So, this show just aired last year and the second season has yet to begin, but I am, thus far, completely rooting for this show. I don’t know if it’s because I share a similar personality with the main character or because this show has some of my favorite things: murder mystery, fringe science, geek references and a strong and interesting cast. Since I saw the preview for it I knew it was going to be good and I’m so glad that it was even better.

Stitchers is about Kirsten, a young woman suffering from Temporal Displasia, who is approached by a woman from a secret sub-government organization called the Stitchers Program. Kirsten, along with her team of scientists, in a very fringe science way, ‘stitches’ her consciousness into a recently deceased memories so that her team can discover the important secrets (such as their murderer) that only the dead saw.

It might seem a long shot, but they keep it simple and scientific, so that, irregardless of the impossibilities, it is still plausible. The cast is absolutely wonderful with strong backgrounds. I had so much fun with this show and I was so absolutely thrilled when it wasn’t cancelled; I had heard that ABCFamily has a tendency to prematurely cancel shows. I can’t wait for season 2. My only warning is that the first episode is a little off, but I think it’s more because the actors were still getting used to their characters. By the second episode any awkwardness with dialogue or scenes was gone.

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The Flash


You know, maybe I’m impartial, but DC Comics has really been knocking the superhero T.V. shows out of the ball park lately. Besides their latest show, the Flash, Arrow is downright awesome.

So if any of you aren’t superhero aficionados, the Flash is a superhero from the DC comics and is part of the very popular Justice League. From what I understand, the man behind the mask has been a lot of different guys throughout the comic series. The guy in this series is Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) a forensic scientist who has a tendency to be late, unorganized and a little dense. When the Particle Accelerator from Star Labs explodes Barry is struck by lightning and is put into a coma for nine months! When he wakes up he finds out that he has quite a unique ‘after-effect’ from the explosion: super speed. With help from the people at Star Labs (Dr. Wells, Dr. Snow and Cisco) he becomes the Flash to stop other “meta-humans” like him who were affected the Particle Accelerator.

Okay, so with that not-so-short synopsis, I love the Flash. Compared to its CW counterpart, the Arrow, it is so much lighter and fun. The characters are really well fleshed-out (a literary term for characters that are deep, so to speak) and the dialogue is so fresh and flows really well. I also enjoyed the special effects, really well-done. The show also has great contrast; it moves so well from serious to fun, from action to dialogue scenes.

Honestly, I think it’s awesome enough that there should be more fan stuff: posters and action figures, etc. Same goes for the Arrow.