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This film was very exciting for me to watch as it was my first French film I’d ever seen. I should have known that only the French could make a well and true Romantic Comedy. Although, like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not huge on romances, I still really enjoyed this film and thought it was pretty fun. They really captured the time period with imagery and music.

The movie is set in 1958 when a woman being a secretary was considered ‘modern’ and ‘exciting’. Rose Pamphyle was no different in these thoughts and she decides to leave her small town to try and get a job as the secretary for Louis Echard, an insurance businessman. Unfortunately for Rose, her greatest and seemingly only talent is her typing. Echard is a competitive man though and hones in on this quite quickly deciding to put her into typing competitions.

So, one of the first things I realized about this film was the language; I actually took some French in High School, but I never realized how soft the language actually was. It was really is a beautiful language. From there, I really enjoyed the story. It’s always such a relief to see a new (for me), fresh view of romance and comedy. I also personally liked the whole thing about the typewriters. Being a writer I’ve always been drawn to the evolution of writing and it was really fun to see the different type of boards that were being used.





I am an aspiring writer who has devoted the better part of my life to English. I decided to write reviews because every time I read a book (which is far less then it should be) or a good show (which is way more) I am just bursting with information that I want to relay to someone, anyone, because what I just saw or read was just so awesome. Please, enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I associated with the related books, shows or movies or their consequent companies. This blog is for fun and information.

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