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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


So, this may be a little different off of my usual film route, but it’s still a good movie, regardless. I had decided to watch this movie as a morale boost, because I’m currently on a juice diet and had been feeling hopelessly starved. I’ve actually seen this film before years ago which gave me the idea in the first place to go on a juice diet and it really is an exemplary show of what can happen if we eat the right type of things.

The movie is about Joe Cross, an Aussie, who was overweight, suffered from a terrible skin disease and was at risk of heart disease (as is anyone who is severely obese). He decides one day to juice his way across the United States for 60 days; just juice for two months. Seems extreme, right? The movie follows him as he talks to people about the causes of obesity and the perks of a juicing cleanse as he loses weight and becomes a healthier Joe.

Honestly, it’s a pretty extraordinary film. It may seem extreme to do something like that for 60 days, but the very fact that he managed to cure his disease and lose a tremendous amount of weight is proof enough that sometimes extreme is what it takes to change your life. This, of course, was all done under medical supervision.

I would really suggest this film to anyone who is feeling hopeless about their weight or their health, because it’s really inspiring to watch. Just to point out, juicing can be as long as you want: a week, ten days, a month, two months. I have personally lost 7 pounds in 4 days, so, yeah, results speak for themselves.



I am an aspiring writer who has devoted the better part of my life to English. I decided to write reviews because every time I read a book (which is far less then it should be) or a good show (which is way more) I am just bursting with information that I want to relay to someone, anyone, because what I just saw or read was just so awesome. Please, enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I associated with the related books, shows or movies or their consequent companies. This blog is for fun and information.

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