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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 was a happy, unexpected find as the first film clearly stated that Joe Cross was not planning on making any other films. This continuation is set about 6 years in the future and is more about the people then Joe Cross himself.

This film was a great picker-upper. It showcases so many people whose lives were changed because they watched the first film and decided to try a juicing cleanse for themselves. I really can’t express enough how great it is to see how many people were touched by Joe Cross’ decision to live healthy. The film shows Cross as he travels through the States to promote his first film. Throughout the movie, the viewer gets to see people from the old movie and how they’ve been doing; as well as new faces with equally inspirational stories.

Definitely, a great film to watch.



I am an aspiring writer who has devoted the better part of my life to English. I decided to write reviews because every time I read a book (which is far less then it should be) or a good show (which is way more) I am just bursting with information that I want to relay to someone, anyone, because what I just saw or read was just so awesome. Please, enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I associated with the related books, shows or movies or their consequent companies. This blog is for fun and information.

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