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Somewhere Only We Know


So, WOW, I just watched this movie and it was by far the most fantastic romantic movie I ever saw. I don’t know if it can get any better then two stories that transcend time about the importance of grasping love.

This Chinese movie is about a woman, Jin Tian, who travels to Prague after she loses two people she cares about deeply to find herself. Jin Tian meets a young man who enraptures her, but, like herself, has a sad past. One of the people she lost was her Grandmother, who lived in Prague during World War II (the other her fiancee who left her at the alter). Not too long after getting to Prague Jin Tian finds out that her Grandmother had a lover during her stay there, thus commences amazing flashbacks into the past.

Honestly, I’m not one for romances. I usually find them to be corny, repetitive and overtly dramatic, but this movie really stood out. It was heartfelt and real. Quite frankly, I even cried. It’s amazing that I would have so much to say about a movie, but this was really spot-on for me. The acting, the visuals, the story were just so well-done.




I am an aspiring writer who has devoted the better part of my life to English. I decided to write reviews because every time I read a book (which is far less then it should be) or a good show (which is way more) I am just bursting with information that I want to relay to someone, anyone, because what I just saw or read was just so awesome. Please, enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I associated with the related books, shows or movies or their consequent companies. This blog is for fun and information.

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