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Whatcha Wearin’?


Alright, so bear with me on this one. This Korean movie, also called “My PS Partner”, is a completely crass, sexed-up movie, but for some reason, I loved it. I was trying to find something different and I certainly found it.

Yoon-Jung is a woman trying to bring back the spice in her relationship with her boyfriend of several years by attempting phone-sex, but she ends up calling the wrong number and, well, you can imagine the sheer awkwardness that follows when her initial ‘conversation’ is over and she realizes the man on the other line isn’t her boyfriend.

The man is Hyun-seung who is still mourning his ex-girlfriend who dumped him a few months before. The two of them end up connecting over their failing to failed relationships and from there… is spoilers. (Doctor Who joke)

So I really did think this movie was awesome. It just felt so real and the humor was great. I actually had to watch it twice, because the first time I kept skipping parts that were just too embarrassing to handle. The second time around I really enjoyed the nuances of the movie.



I am an aspiring writer who has devoted the better part of my life to English. I decided to write reviews because every time I read a book (which is far less then it should be) or a good show (which is way more) I am just bursting with information that I want to relay to someone, anyone, because what I just saw or read was just so awesome. Please, enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I associated with the related books, shows or movies or their consequent companies. This blog is for fun and information.

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