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Hello, world.

My name is Samantha. I’ve always loved writing and reading, but lately I’ve really gotten into television. For me, watching something isn’t just about entertainment… It’s about everything that went into it: the characters, the plot, the background and all the little things that make a movie or show.

When I watch something I look at the dialogue, acting, tone, graphics, originality and things like that. I don’t know a lot about the proper names for cinema definitions but I’m learning.

You won’t find slam reviews, because I want this blog to be optimistic. If what I watched was so bad I can’t find something good to say I won’t write a review. Probably for me though the two ultimate things that make a show bad are bad dialogue and lack of originality.

On the other hand, the top things that I find make a show or movie good are the characters (including how well the actors play them) and the right level of pacing. What I mean by the right level is sometimes there’s too much or too little in the up and down of the story line. For those who may not be familiar with something called a story arc, it is a writing term used to describe the course a story usually goes. Writers have to balance each part of the story so as to keep the interest of the reader or audience. The balance has to do with story background or introduction, build-up, climax, resolution and denouement or the ending. With television shows this is pretty hard to do over a long course of time which is why I’m probably harder on TV then movies.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to point out any errors I might have made; it happens and I won’t get upset if you do. I have a pretty broad spectrum of genres that I enjoy so I’m sure you’ll find something on here that you’ll like as well. I’ve separated everything in the category section so it should be fairly easy to find a new show or genre.

Have fun and thanks for reading!


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